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I’m not a fan of pigs, and please don’t call me FAT! : The story behind the screen name “piggyrinko”

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Why “Piggyrinko”?

You can see some of my pics on twitter and obviously I am not fat or.. Chubby or.. Obese. (I’m not intentionally saying this to those who are fat, just sayin’) but to some who asks due to freakin’ curiosity, most people who cares say, “why call’piggyrinko’ herself, above all cute and girly names?”

Here’s why. Rinko’s my name. And.. Piggy’s not from a fandom to pigs or such. It’s from my friends who tease me a lot everytime we go out and eat. Honestly, I can eat a large amount, far from a girl’s normal appettite, seriously!! And guess what, I never get fat no matter how much I eat ❤❤❤ I’m a lucky girl 😉

I put those names together and.. Voila! Piggyrinko was born. I first used that name on my Twitter account, then here.

Another question is answered today. Thank God! Hahahaha! 😂

Thanks for reading! 👍

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