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Valentine’s Day with my Bae

It is always a special day for every couple. Above all dates and anniversaries, this one should be something different to it when celebrated. If you ask me how I celebrated Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend, then I may say that it’s very different from other things that we celebrate together.

We’ve been together for 6 years already (since college) @Yoshionyx, “Yoshio”, for me is my best bud and boy. I think he has already what I’m looking for. He makes my world beautiful even I am always surrounded by imperfect things.

I remember our first Valentine’s Day celebration together before. We ate streetfood for snacks, he gave me roses and heart shaped balloons on the way, we watched the sunset at the nearest bay and ate dinner at their house. His parents even made the sweetest desserts for us. That was our happiest day together. ❤

This year, we just watched the anime “Pupa” and other movies at his house. I cooked fresh beef and garlic sautè and egg rice for lunch. When the clock striked 3pm we went to this restaurant at Quezon City that serves the most delicious sweets which reminds me of some sweet delicacies in our hometown. He even surprised me with flowers and bubbles as we visited the restaurant’s mini garden that was so mystical. 👍

Greatly matched with my soft, white marshmallow, knee-length dress, he put a flower crown on my head that were made from white and yellow little flowers and kneeled down in front of me. He held my hand and wanted me to marry soon, and shown gratefulness about 6 years of our relationship. ❤❤❤ Gosh! I felt like melting that time.

Sorry if I had no pics about it 😜 it just happened privately that day. I never planned capturing every moment of it. Enjoying that day with my bae is enough. I hope you felt the same way that I felt that day with this today’s blog. *And I think you enjoyed your valentine’s day too and you thought that reading this is a waste of time, don’t be too harsh HAHAHA*

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