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Missing my Parents

Working here in the Philippines make me feel lonelier. Because I know after my shift I will come home without anyone who would want to surprise me and take care of me until the night ends like others do. I thought of leaving here once to go home to Japan but remembering the times that I really want to be independent, it feels harder to go back home there like, I can’t even show a straight face on them anymore.

 Aside from wanting to learn to live alone abroad and work together with my boyfriend, we have a lot of family issues before that’s why I really want to stay away from home. But now that I earn well and live alone at a nice apartment, missing them began to plunge in my feelings lately.

Dad has been very strict to us, his children all his life. My older sister can’t even go to a nearby pub with her friends when she turned 20 before. Then my older brother studies well before so dad will buy him toys and lend him money to play in the arcade during weekends. He may be strict to us like these but look on the brihht side, my older sister’s a successful businesswoman today. She earns well and her friends may be few but they are very loyal and kind to her. Dad’s strict regulations to my sister about socializing well helped her a lot. Then, my older brother now is a CEO of a theme park today somewhere in Japan. He’s the busiest among dad’s siblings but shares the biggest investments per year on the family. As dad shares how to be hardworking and “money wise” on my brother since he was young, it results him to a more responsible and well-spent citizen. Dad is also strict to me when it comes to dating but.. Yeah know. My boyfriend’s approved by him already before we got here abroad soooo. Don’t mind it. I also learned 💓

Even Dad is very strict, I miss him a lot. His weird laughs, his loud slurping habit to mom’s homemade soups during lunch and his daily sweet treats to all of the family members in the afternoon.

. . . .

Mom, on the other hand, is always as chill and gentle as raindrop cake. When she does a fake smile on you, it means she’s kind of pissed. She might pat your head when you looked cute for her, she really loves studying recipes everytime and she’s very open to all. My classmates before in elementary were so surprised on how elegant and fine looking my mom was, but yeah. That’s just her. So different from other moms who were very noisy and cracks a lot of chores on you. She’s just calm and quiet.. Just be afraid when she’s too quiet on you. That’ll be a big problem. I miss how unpredictable she was.

. . . .

I miss them. I miss my parents. Even I hate hearing them quarrel about money and personal stuff. Even I want to break free from their strict rules and regulations. I miss being scolded. The walls of my appartment seeks for that noise. I miss their hugs and kisses to me. I miss the feeling of being a kid again once you sit or stand between them. I miss the feeling of being cared by them, being spoiled by them. 💔

I guess the reality speaks for itself. Loving your parents is never a waste of time. As soon as they are still there, love must always be given to them, show how much you love them. Because when the time you realize that you are old enough to do this and they can’t appreciate you anymore due to sicknesses, it’s the end of your chance to love them back when you miss them.

Mom.. Dad, このブログはあなたのためです。それが何らかの形であなたに届くなら、それを読んでください。私がここに書いたすべてを意味する。私はあなたにお母さんとお父さんにこれらを提供します。そして何よりも誠実に、私はあなたの両方が恋しいです。ごめんなさい、私はあなたに多くの不平を抱き、誇りのためにこのようなひどい決定をしました。あなたの二人を私に特に私に与えてくださった全能の主に感謝します。あなたの健康と人生を常に祈っています。二人とも愛してるよ!クリスマスや新年にもう一度お会いしましょう 🙏

Thank you for reading this blog! ❤ *sorry if it’s too dramatic and long to read*

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